Camouflaged, a contemporary and classic brand, was created in a small studio in the heart of Seoul, in 2017 by the creative Textile & Fashion Designer Kim Younghwa.


The Designer started her career as a private accessory designer. After a few years of hard work, her dedication and passion for creating things with her hands, it paid off when one of her designs ended up in front of one of the most legendary designers of all time. Since that moment, she has made some of the most beautiful and iconic textiles in the world. From designing accessories to some of the most iconic textile designs in the world, Camouflaged Designer took that love and turned it into her Designer brand.


Camouflaged designer Kim Younghwa lived a humble childhood as she is one of the youngest daughters of the first South Korean General that fought through the Japanese invasion and the Korean war.


With the products that we create, there is a lot of thought and love that goes not just into the final garment but as well the design of the textile. Each of the tweeds has its own story and inspiration. The whole process starts when the Designer gets her inspiration from all colours, architecture, nature and people to select her yarns and patterns to create the beautifully textured tweed design. 

She goes through the process of handpicking her yarns, dying them to the colour she wants and then making the pattern for each different tweed. With the next step, she executes the idea by weaving her tweed samples. She then chooses the tweed that will go with each garment, keeping in mind technicalities to create a comfortable garment and accessory to give each individual the best experience when wearing Camouflaged garments.


She always had a passion for creating things with her hands. When she started Camouflaged in the Spring of 2017, she had the beautiful idea of turning her textiles into a living piece of art that will be displayed and worn by each individual that shares the love for the design. The designs are loved so much that it has been featured on some of the A list Celebrities of Hollywood and Korea. Her designs have been featured in some of the top Hollywood fashion magazines as well the most Iconic editorial magazine such as Vogue and Elle magazine.


Camouflaged isn’t just another brand. We create garments for each individual to feel luxurious, comfortable and proud when they wear Camouflaged.

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